closing a chapter

Goodbye 20's.

While seeing everyone posting their best moments, and achievements from 2022. I felt like I have zero nice things to show or talk about. Let's just say, it's been the most emotionally and spiritually challenging phase of my 30 years of life.

But throughout this roller coaster ride of a year, I want to be able to look back at one day and be grateful for this year, no matter how many roadblocks came my way. I don't want to stay bitter and allow these challenges to take away my power and the love that lies within me.

I kept seeing everyone write down all the good things that happened in their life in 2022, and I was so resistant to trying to find anything good that happened to me this year. So I decided I'm going to take time out of my day today to reminisce on this painful year no matter the emotions that will resurface, allow myself to dig deep, and see all the good that came to me.