a story about style

A wardrobe and looks that will endure the years.

About a year ago I noticed myself changing my style and the way I dress. I do not know if that comes with age but I assume it is since I see myself shopping way less than I used to, and now I always strive to always buy timeless pieces.

If I stick to pieces that I believe will last the test of time I won’t have to update them as often and I can guarantee my favourites will have plenty of outings ahead. Having adopted this as my approach to shopping and how I dress now, I started realizing that I got influenced by the stylish women in my life whose ensembles just don’t seem to ever date. Having said that, I believe, I am now building a wardrobe and looks that will endure the years to come. When I think of the pieces that have been around for ages and have remained a constant and they’re likely to be things like a black blazer, a white button down shirt, denim jeans and the little black dress and a simple black bag.

These are the wardrobe buys that i think are worth investing in as they’re not going away any time soon. Timeless style is mastered by creating a foundational wardrobe of classic silhouettes that have versatility and longevity. It stresses signature pieces over fads, and usually embraces a clean makeup/hairstyle with limited accessories. Focus on building a closet that fits your body type, is neutral-colored, and has classic silhouettes. In this category of my blog I will try to show more of that. I do not consider myself as a fashionista and I do not follow trends blindly.

If you want to know my style more, and shop my favorite items, make sure to check in here from time to time as I can`t wait to tell you more.