White Turf, St. moritz

A spectacle on Ice, A mountain village with more to offer.

Once again, St. Moritz with its beautiful and sun-drenched landscapes, was the setting of the infamous White Turf. It is one of the most prestige and honestly unique horse racing venues in the world. Not only because it is run on frozen lake in the prestigious small mountain escape, but also since it combines tradition winter and equestrian sports in iconic manner. Honestly, Skijoring is a truly unique aspect of the event.

In case you are interested, Skijoring comes from the Norwegian word snørekjøring which means “ski driving.” Rock drawings in Scandinavia show depictions of skiers being pulled by elk and reindeer. In the 1928 Olympics, held in St. Moritz, skijoring was a demonstration sport, and the athletes were towed behind horses, which were harnessed and driven by the skier.

If you have never been to White Turf, it is a must, there is something for everyone. Whether that is gourmet food, live music, inspiring art or horse racing. It is held on every Sunday, for 3 weeks, starting on February 5th 2023 in St. Moritz and makes the perfect reason to visit the region for a couple days. Will show you some new discoveries below.

Furthermore, this spectacle is not just Champagne on ice for the rich and beautiful, but actually an annual event where race horse owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world meet up. For locals it is an unmissable fixture on their calendar. The event is accessible for everyone, and tickets start at 25.- CHF for Standing and 50.- CHF for Grandstand Seating. So if you are looking for an amazing weekend, don’t hesitate to visit.

Look forward to visiting next year again as my equestrian journey continues.